Why Second Hand Car Seats are not the Safest Option:

Having been installing car seats since 2009, I have been asked to install the odd great buy just bought from Gumtree, or the seat that the family or friend has kindly handed on.

Unfortunately just because it looks OK, what lurks underneath?  What is it's history?

You might have been told it

hasn't been in an accident.   

Or just a little one?

It might have been only used for

one child and has been sitting

in the garage since.

This doesn't mean it's still safe to use.



It's a top brand-name seat that was one of the best you could buy when it was new.

It's been used a bit by now but the cover looks in one piece, the harness works and looks OK.  Bargain!  ...or is it?

Example 2:


These two seats shown were actual seats in current use by a Brisbane Car Hire company (2018)!

They were only brought to my attention because the parents didn't think they were installed correctly and were just asking me to fix it.

Of course I could not fit them but replaced them instead.  The car hire company happily removed these seats from stock and from what I'm told, checked the rest.

This seat looks OK?            ...but look behind the cover!

The foam was filthy and disintegrating.  DOM of 2005. THREE YEARS PAST IT'S SAFE USE BY DATE!

Why Brisbane Baby is your safer, better option!


Brisbane Baby Hire & Install only hold equipment for 5 years at the very most, however if starting to look a little "used", even though clean, undamaged and safe, will be retired early.

We also thoroughly clean and safety check all equipment prior to EVERY hire so you know your baby is safe.  You can hire short or long term.

We understand all parents want the best for their baby so even though equipment is hired from us, it will NEVER look or feel "second-hand"!